Life can be overwhelming, but in a good way.



So.many.things have been going on in my life. Most of them are actually good, maybe even great. Sometimes life gets overwhelming, but in a good way. We choose to enjoy the joys of life and forget about the rest, Or maybe this only happens to me?

Good stuff that’s been going on in my life:

  • Changed jobs 9 months ago. No regrets.
  • We moved 13 months ago. Best.desicion.ever! (we moved from a 6osqm flat to a 180sqm house)
  • We adopted the sweetest cat ever 7 month ago: Muffin.
  • A month ago I decided to purge my belongings getting rid of 60% of my belongings. (this book helped me, it’s amazing and wonderful, got the kindle version)
  • In July I spent the best 4 days at an amazing 24h ono-stop beach music festival with my girlfriends. It was amazing.
  • We have three adorable kitties in “foster-care”. Hope we can find a good family for them. 🙂 I’ll share their horrifying story later.
  • I’ve had my Nutribullet (get it here) for about a week and I seriously don’t know how I’ve lived this long without one.
  • Only 5 days until we go on holiday to Istanbul. YAY!

And these are a few just out of the top of my head!


Although it’s been a while I must say I miss blogging. I’m going to come back to it slowly as I truly love having the opportunity to write an online diary to keep track of the things I liked enough to photograph & write about. Maybe I might even inspire someone.
Now that I’m back on my feet I feel I can conquer the world, let me take you on this journey with me! 🙂

Outfit details:
Parka: H&M (60)
Cardi: Primark (12)
Dress: HM Kids (15)
Nails: Essie

Ibiza diaries, vol. 1

2.v2 I never understood all the fuss about Ibiza, until I went. Although it was quite a short stay, I had enough time to understand that this island is magic indeed. Everything in Ibiza is special. It makes you want to leave everything behind and start a new life, as a hippie!
3We were staying in San Antonio, beautiful area, with amazing beaches and white sand. Also, there are many ceramic studios, many of them offer courses to the locals. How amazing is this workshop? I would love to take any type of course in such a beautiful place!



Simple outfit, wearing: Tee – Primark (similar), shorts – second hand (similar), sunnies – Rayban


The adverts for night clubs in Ibiza are really cool. I would have taken this one home, if it hadn’t been stuck so well to that pole! 🙂8


Fell in love with this amazing street art. Super bright and colorful! 1

Even the lighting is magical!11I’ll be doing a mini-series of posts about Ibiza, hope to be back soon!


Have you ever been to Ibiza, what’s your favourite Mediterranean Island?

GRWM video – Daily make up routine – Vlog!

Hello people of the internet,

Today I decided to do something different and share with you guys my daily make up routine.
This is what I do on a daily basis when going to work or when I need a quick fix. It takes about 6-7 minutes from start to end, super fast and easy!

makeup, vlog

Get ready with me: Daily Make up routine

So, let’s jump right into it!

Products used:
Lush tea tree toner
Neutrogena lip balm
Kiehls oil free moisturizer
Rimmel London primer
Foundation Catrice Photo finish (light 010) **Love it!
Maybeline concealer (applied with Deliplus blush brush)
Rimel london Stay matte powder (applied with Real Techniches RT powder brush)
Elf eyelid primer in pearl
Flamingo blush by Deluplus (limited edition) (applied with RT blush brush)
Elf bronzer in sand (applied with face expert brush by RT)
Eyebrow pencil by … no idea, sorry!
Urban decay brow box
Catrice bronzer (applied with RT blush brush)
NYX lip liner in cherry
NYX butter gloss (smells delish!)
Mascara by Rimmel London

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