I love autumn/fall wishlist

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I love autumn. I’m super excited about the cooler temperatures, being able to wrap up in layers and drinking warm cups of lattes (homemade of course). Although it’s still quite warm here where I live, I’m day dreaming of being able to wear boots and a coat. I know, we all want what we don’t have, but this is how life is! This afternoon I was searching the internet for THE perfect burgundy bag. Although I didn’t find it, I managed to spend way too much time on NastyGal’s web, creating myself unnecessary needs. I really need number 3 and number 7 in my life. Those shoes will be mine. I need them. Like now.

What are you looking forward the most to this season?
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Floral is my favourite print (Outfit)

TheMowWay.com  - Floral dress wigThe print on this dress is divine. Love how cute and summery it looks, combined with the adorable neckline makes the perfect dress. It’s already September but it’s hot (like 30 degreed ad midday), but luckily the temperatures have started to drop, making it possible for people to actually get things done. TheMowWay.com  - Floral dress wigSince the weather was so nice we decided to spend the day at the Botanical Garden in Valencia It’s such an amazing place, totally worth the visit! TheMowWay.com  - Floral dress wigTheMowWay.com  - Floral dress wig  This is a failed panoramic photo. Not sure how I even did it, but it turned out pretty cool! :)
TheMowWay.com  - Floral dress wig   I managed to make some new friends. These two were adorable. In my next life i’d like to be one of these cats that live in the Botanical garden. Now that’s life!
TheMowWay.com  - Floral dress wig TheMowWay.com  - Floral dress wig   I was in the mood of feet shots that day! :) hope you’re having an amazing week.
Stay awesome! :)

Cat dress on a rainy day (Outfit)

TheMowWay.com  - Cat dress on a rainy day (Outfit)The weather has been crazy. One day it’s +37 degrees and the next one it’s raining and cold (24C, not that cold, but this is Spain, y´know :)) This past weekend I spent a whole day cleaning my computer and I found these photos from a couple months ago. I know it’s still summer over here, but I wanted to be supportive with those who live in cooler countries and share what to me is pretty much the perfect autumn outfit. Don’t think you can properly see it in these photos, but when we took them it was literally pouring down. Arg, it’s so hard being glam when the weather doesn’t cooperate right? #firstworldproblems. TheMowWay.com  - Cat dress on a rainy day (Outfit)There’s something really special about these photos (aparte of how perfect this dress goes with my absolute favourite shoes..). These photos were I’m slowly but surely getting back into blogging… and I’m loving it! I’ll be starting a photography course later this month and quite possibly a photoshop mini-course too. I’m so excited about the future. It’s incredible that I manage to say it and actually belive it. Life is good.

Holiday Vlog: oh sunny Spain, I love you!

TheMowWay.com  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high MigueleteHello friends! Welcome to another episode of “Being a tourist in my city”! (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read more about the series here!) This time around I recorded some clops of out outing and put them together in a little video… my first Vlog?? I would say yes!  :) I think I did a pretty good job editing, the video matches the audio, #soproud.TheMowWay.com  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high Miguelete
In case you didn’t know, I’m currently living in sunny Valencia, Spain. It’s a city with lots of interesting buildings and lost of history! We decided to go up the Miguelete tower, a massive tower wight in the city centre, which you can only walk up (no lift!!) 207 steps later we were at the top (we had to stop to catch out breath every once in a while!). It was CRAZY how windy it was. I look some photos of my hair wild like above and sent it to some people saying I was doing bungee jumping, and they believed me! ha!TheMowWay.com  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high Miguelete
I love doing these posts, as I trully enjoy spending the day wandering around the city and look at the city with tourist eyes, appreciating what we have aound us! This is another view of the towewe went up to! Love the contrast of the cream building, while couds and blue sky. :)TheMowWay.com  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high Miguelete TheMowWay.com  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high Miguelete 
From the top of the tower, we had the most amazing views of the whole city, incredibly. Totally worth while!TheMowWay.com  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high Miguelete
More flying photos… yaaay!

And here goes my new video, hope you enjoy it, let me know your thoughts!!
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Are you on YouTube?
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Back to school series: Pineapples and crop tops (Outfit)

TheMowWay.com  - Back to school series: Pineapples and crop tops (Outfit)Welcome to my BTS series!! Since it’s not very long until many of you go back to school I thought I’d create a series of posts styling outfits which are trendy yet school/uni appropriate. Today I chose a crop top. It’s taken a whie for this trend to sink into me, but now I love it. The key to wearing a crop top without looking trashy is to choose high waisted bottoms. Whether it’s a skirt, trousers or shorts, get them so they reach your belly button. You’ll alway look perfect. This combo is also great as it suits all body types! Crop tops + high waisted bottoms: win-win! TheMowWay.com  - Back to school series: Pineapples and crop tops (Outfit) TheMowWay.com  - Back to school series: Pineapples and crop tops (Outfit)Wearing comfy sandals is totally a must. These black strappy ones I’m wearing are by Vagabond and trust me.. they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Invest in a good pair of shoes, you’re goind to spend hours in them! TheMowWay.com  - Back to school series: Pineapples and crop tops (Outfit) TheMowWay.com  - Back to school series: Pineapples and crop tops (Outfit) What are your thoughts on crop tops… yay or nay?I’m so happy to be back blogging, see you’ll soon!

Top: Stradivarius (10)
Skirt: Stradivarius (5)
Clutch: Blanco Suite (15ish)
Sandals: Vagabond (90)
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Side slit maxi (Outfit)

TheMowWay.com  - Side slit maxi Bimba y Lola TheMowWay.com  - Side slit maxi Bimba y Lola TheMowWay.com  - Side slit maxi Bimba y Lola TheMowWay.com  - Side slit maxi Bimba y Lola

That was a long unexpected hiatus! I’ve been all over the place doing way too many things at the same time, which is stressful but exciting! I was on holiday in England visiting my family which was great. Also, we finally signed a rent contract for an AMAZING (and HUGE) house (not a flat!!!) in the middle of the fields, 3 minutes drive from where we’re living at the moment. We’re starting to move this week. Boy, am I excited. I hope to be able to start vlogging and blogging consistently form the new house, as I will have my very own studio. Photos to come!
It’s only June and it’s already super hot, which means I basically live in shorts or maxi skirts. This one from Zara is comfy and easy to dress up or down depending on your plans ;) I also wore this super cool necklace Born Pretty sent me as a gift. Just perfect! Not too big, not too small! :)
I hope you aren’t tired of this handbag (read more about it here), ’cause I’m not! Along with my trusty Vagabond sandals (full review on them here), they make the perfect combo. Love them.

Jacket: Vintage Levi’s (10)
Tee: Nino’s (HM)
Maxi: Zara (13ish)
Necklace c/o* Born Pretty
Bag: Bimba y Lola (more here)
Sandals: Vagabond Diion (more here)

What’s your to go item for summer?
Mine are maxis and shorts! :)
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Vagabond Diion sandals unboxing (New in)

I’ve finally got around to posting some close up photos of my beloved Vagabond Sandals I got last month for travelling to Majorca. I do think these were a bit on the expensive side, but they are SO comfortable, I really think they are worth the hype.
TheMowWay.com  - Vagabond Diion sandals unboxing The only downside I see is that they will be leaving me strange tan lines on my feet. I live in very sunny Valencia (on the mediterranean coast of Spain), so we get A LOT of sunshine pretty much all year around, so I must remember to apply sunscreen lotion (I should do it anyway, by the way…)
Back to the shoes, they are very comfy to walk in, even if you’re on the go for ALL day. The top part is PU, but the inside is leather. The strap over the shoe is adjustable with velcro and I didn’t need  to break into them, they did not hurt my feed what so ever. 
TheMowWay.com  - Vagabond Diion sandals unboxing Can’t get over how puuurfect they are! They have such a cool 90’s vibe! They remind me so much of the Spice Girls. I has a huge fan of Geri Halliwell and I remember she had a very similar pair of shoes on a poster I had of her in my room, when I was a teen! :)TheMowWay.com  - Vagabond Diion sandals unboxing
Do you like Vagabond shoes?
I’m already planning on winter shoes… these will be my next purchase!
I’m off on holiday:
I will be in Manchester from this evening until next Monday,
let me know if you wish to meet us for a little shopping spree or for coffee! :) 
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Looking like Wednesday Adams (Outfit)

TheMowWay.com  - Looking like Wednesday Adams (Outfit)  This dress is so wonderful! It reminds me so much of Wednesday Adams. I totally believe in signs. When I first saw it I picked it up and I was going to pay full price for it (18is), but when I go to the cash desk the lady said it was marked down to 5eur. How could I not take it home?? Primark has the most amazing deals!
Estoy enamorada de este vestido, me recuerda tanto a Miércoles Adams. Yo creo en las señales. Cuando vi el vestido estaba dispuesta a pagar los 18eur que costaba, pero cuando la cajera me dijo que estaba rebajado a 5eur, como no iba a llevármelo? Primark tiene algunas cosas que son alucinantes! :)
TheMowWay.com  - Looking like Wednesday Adams (Outfit)TheMowWay.com  - Looking like Wednesday Adams (Outfit) TheMowWay.com  - Looking like Wednesday Adams (Outfit) TheMowWay.com  - Looking like Wednesday Adams (Outfit)
This is what I wore on sunday to a choir concert in which three lovely ladies I know were singing. Coro Alameda did amazing, it was wonderful!!! I’m really looking forward to the next ones, especially the Xmas one!
Ésto es lo que elegí ponerme para el domingo pasado. Hacía un día espectadular y fuimos a ver un concierto del Coro Alameda, del cual son integrantes a la super cutie Maria Q, Antje e Irene (tres yelpers super adorables!) en la Beneficencia de Valencia. (Soy muy muy fan de los coros, me encantan!!!). La verdad es que quedamos impresionados. Tenemos muchas ganas de los siguientes conciertos, especialmente el de Navidad! En mi instagram tienes hasta un video… sublime!TheMowWay.com  - Looking like Wednesday Adams (Outfit)

How amazing is this photo?? Nino did a great job!!! Right?
A que la foto ha quedado genial? Nino hizo un buen trabajo, a que sí?

Do you like the “Wednesday Adams look”?
I love wearing all black from time to time! :)
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Typical spanish tapas and high waisted shorts (Outfit)

TheMowWay.com  - High waisted shortsAre you already tired of this handbag? I’M NOT! As I told you on this post, i’ve been wearing it almost every.single.day and I think I will continue to do so for a few more weeks/months/years!! Last weekend Nino and I went for s stroll in the town centre (of Valencia, Spain, where we currently live) and we went to two places in which we had ice cold beers and delish tapas!!!!TheMowWay.com  - High waisted shorts We had this AAAAmaaaaazing baguette (in Spanish called “bocadillo or “bocata”!) at La Encina. It was packed full with fresh veggies and has 4.50€, which in my opinion was an absolute bargain! 
TheMowWay.com  - High waisted shorts I wore these gooorgeous high waisted shorts which are soo comfortable! I love how versatile they are! This is how i dresses them up with a pleather bustier…. here
TheMowWay.com  - High waisted shorts Also at “La encina” we had “Patatas bravas” (my favourite Spanish tapa!), which is potato wedges (fresh potatoes, not frozen ones!) with garlic mayo and normal or het ketchup. YUM. The plate of curated sheep’ cheese drizzled with olive oil and herbs was amazing.
TheMowWay.com  - High waisted shorts   This is the super cute sign on the outside of a bar called “Los Picapiedras“, the staff is super friendly and they serve a little nibble with each drink! (See above the bread with spanish omelette!)

Have you ever had Spanish tapas? 
Which one if your favourite one?

Shorts: Blanco Suite (10)
Top: Primark (5)
Jacket: Vintage Levis (10)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Bimba y Lola (read about it here)

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Instagram Meet up in Valencia (WWIM9_VLC)

TheMowWay.com  - Instagram Meet up in Valencia (WWIM9_VLC) Follow us on Instagram here

EN: This weekend was Instagram’s anniversary, so in order to celebrate the local communities all around the world organized meet ups. I was suuuper lucky to attend the one hosted in Valencia (WWIM9_Vlc), which was organiced by ValenciaGram. And let me tell you it was pretty awesome. There was a touristic bus, loads of ice cold beer, nice weather, great opportunities to take marvelous photos. More beer and great company. Can you think of a better way to spend your Saturday afternoon? :)
ES: Este fin de semana fue el aniversario de Instagram y en todo el mundo las comunidades se reunieron para celebrarlo. Yo tuve la oportunidad de ir a la quedada que organizó ValenciaGram y he de decir que fue una pasada. Hubo bus turistic, mucha cerveza helada, un tiempo perfecto, fabulosas oportunidades para tomar fotos geniales. Más cerveza fría y la mejor compañía posible. Se te ocurre una mejor manera de pasar una tarde de sabado? :) This #instameetvlc has been a huge success!! A huge thanks to the @valenciagram team and to all the sponsors who’ve made this possible!