Kimono and floppy hat (Outfit)  - Kimono and floppy hat (Outfit)  - Kimono and floppy hat (Outfit)  - Kimono and floppy hat (Outfit)  - Kimono and floppy hat (Outfit)EN: So i’m back from my lovely holiday in Majorca and I must say that I am in love. What an amazing place! The island is a total dream, especially now in Spring!
Back to the outfit, love wearing all black with a pop of colour. I always get so many compliments when I wear it. It’s super comfy and warm. Yay.
Hope to be back to blogging regularly soon. I’ve been considering writing a few beauty posts (makeup and skin treatments). I have quite oily skin so I’m always on the hunt of products which will suit my skin type. Would anyone interested in reading them?
ES: Ya estoy de vuelta de mis vacas en Mallorca… que sueño de sitio! Una pasada, hay que verlo!
Sobre el outfit, me encanta vestirme toda de negro añadiendo un toque de color.
Espero volver a postear más a menudo pronto. He estado pensando en escribir algunos posts sobre belleza (maquillaje y tratamientos faciales) aqui en el blog. Mi piel es bastante grasa y siempre estoy buscando productos que me vayan bien. Estaría alguien interesado en leerlos?

Kimono: similar
Hat: similar
Ring c/o* Sammy Dress
Shoes: JC Freda (50)

Sequined top and disco Pants (Outfit)  - Sequined top and disco Pants Estoy enamorada de este top que Sammy dress me ha mandado! Me hubiese gustado llevarlo durante las navidades, pero me llegó tarde, así que decidí ponérmelo una noche para salir. 🙂
I’m so in love with this sequined top that the Sammy Dress kindly sent me! I wanted to have it for the holiday season, but it arrived a bit late, so I decided to wear it on a night out around the city!  - Sequined top and disco Pants No me puedo creer lo maravillosa que es esta base de maquillaje de Rimmel London! Es la primera vez en mi vida que encuentro una que sea realmente del color de mi piel! Es ésta de Asos!
I seriously couldn’t be more in love with my foundation. It’s this one by Rimmel London (not for sale in Spain!). I can’t believe how gorgeous it looks when applied. It matches my face! It’s the first time ever that I wear a foundation that really looks like skin. Perfect! 🙂  - Sequined top and disco Pants
Han pasado ya de moda los Disco Pants de American Apparel? La verdad es que me da igual! Creo que son los pantalones más cómodos y que mejor quedan del mundo!
Disco pants, are they out of fashion yet? I don’t really care! These are doubtlessly my favourite pair of trousers ever! They look amazing and they fit like a glove, what else could I ask for? 🙂  - Sequined top and disco Pants

Qué opináis de este top tan vistoso, se pueden usar las lentejuelas cuando no es Noche Vieja?
What do you think of this top? What I able to pull it off? 🙂
Leave your thought below!!!

What I wore:
Sequined top and Ring c/o Sammy dress
Pants: American Apparel (100)
Sandals: Local store (29) (similar)
Biker: Zara (60) (similar)
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Back for good (Outfit)

Outfit by Alice Barton - Dico Pants

Back to blogging!! So happy!! I am really looking forward to being back, I have missed blogging!!
Just a quick post to share with you what I wore the previous weekend. It is almost unbelivable that I was walking round the town centre in January without a coat!

Outfit by Alice Barton - Dico Pants

Outfit by Alice Barton - Dico Pants We went out for lunch to a nice place calle Io, in the Carmen quarter.
Look at the amazing salad they served us!! I swear that the photo didn’t make it justice…
The weather was so nice that we were even able to have lunch in the open air!!

Outfit by Alice Barton - Dico Pants
Outfit by Alice Barton - Dico Pants
 After lunch we had a little walk and then we went to watch Django.
It was even better than I had expected (I am a huge Quentin Tarantino fan), although it was quite brutal). 9/10 points! Well done! Outfit by Alice Barton - Dico PantsOutfit by Alice Barton - Dico PantsAnd this is what I call a good post: clothes, nice shoes, food and a .gif! 🙂
Outfit by Alice Barton - Dico PantsOutfit by Alice Barton - Dico Pants

This post is especially dedicated to my dear friend Jesus Sands. He’s an amazingly tallented (and single!!) photographer, who has a huge heart and an almost perpetual smile on his face. Thanks for being such a great human being and for lending me the amazing 50mm lense we took these photos with!
Dream big and follow your heart.

What I wore: 
Peplum top: H&M (15)
Faux Fur Stole: Thrifted (0.50)
 Coat: H&M (20)
Handbag: Suite Blanco (15ish)