Picnic on the beach in winter, yay for sunny Spain! (Outfit)

TheMowWay.com  - Picnic at the beach in January (Outfit)EN: This winter the weather’s been super crazy! In Valencia we’ve had super cold days, followed by super hot ones! A couple weeks ago we had a week or so in which the temperatures were SO HIGH (around 30 degrees!!!!) we decided to go and had a picnic on the beach. It was lovely and warm, but it was extremely windy!
ES: Este invierno el tiempo ha estado loco! En Valencia hemos tenido días super frios seguidos de días muy calurosos! Hace unas semanas hacía tanto calor (sobre los 30 grados!) que decidimos ir a hacer un picnic a la playa!  Fue super bonito, pero hacía muchísimo viento! 
TheMowWay.com  - Picnic at the beach in January (Outfit) TheMowWay.com  - Picnic at the beach in January (Outfit) I dug a huge hole out of fun. I had to stop because my short arms didn’t go any further. I had a great time digging and piling the sand. Yep, just like a three year old. Loved it! Not so worry, I covered it completely before going home. 😉
Cavé un agujero por divertirme. Tuve que parar por que mis bracitos cortos no llegaban más al fondo. Lo pasé genial cavando y apilando la arena. Sip, exactamente igual que un niño de tres años! Me encantó! No hay que preocuparse, tapé el agujero completamente antes de irme a casa. 

TheMowWay.com  - Picnic at the beach in January (Outfit)

TheMowWay.com  - Picnic at the beach in January (Outfit)I prepared a delicious pasta salad (receipe adapted from here!), which we ate by the sea. It was really good, the only downside was that since it was quite windy we ended up having extra sand as a topping on our food. Yuck. Anyway, we had a great time.
Preparé una ensalada de pasta que estaba buenísima (una versión de esta receta), que nos comimos junto al mar. Estaba buenísima, a pesar de que como hacía tanto viento, acabamos con ración extra de arena en nuestra comida. Asquito… De todas formas, estuvo genial.

TheMowWay.com  - Picnic at the beach in January (Outfit)

I love the beach in winter, it’s so calm, no one there (yes, even if it’s +30 degrees Spaniards don’t go to the beach if it’s not summer!) and you have the whole place to yourself. This is the big Fallas week in Valencia, big street parties and fire works. Hope to have the chance to take some great photos! You can what I wrote about Fallas last wear here! 🙂 
Me encanta la playa en invierno, paz y calma total! Me sorprende que los españoles, aunque hagan más de 30 grados, no vayan a la playa si no es verano! Esta es la gran semana de Fallas, grandes verbenas y fuegos artificiales, espero tener oportunidad de tomar muchas fotos! Puedes leer lo que escribí sobre las Fallas el año pasado aqui! 🙂

Do you go to the beach in winter?
Vas a la playa en invierno o te lo reservas para el veranito?

Leave your thoughts below!

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Holiday by the Mediterranean beach

TheMowWay.com  - Holiday by the beach Some time ago we decided to go on a mini holiday to the beach. Although the city we live in is right on the beach, we like to go down south to enjoy some “touristy” business. We spent some days in Calpe, which is not too far away from Benidorm. Like I did with some of my lovely girl friends  few months back we did camping (told you all about it in this post!)   

TheMowWay.com  - Holiday by the beach

The camping had this loovely pool with a bar which served fabulous cocktails. As you can see, Nino had a hard time unwinding and chillin´. ha!

TheMowWay.com  - Holiday by the beach  Some of us had gintonics, others had chocolate ice creams. Yum. The waters were crystal clear, a dream. Relaaaxig views from my hammock, the palm trees gave it a caribbean touch.
TheMowWay.com  - Holiday by the beach TheMowWay.com  - Holiday by the beach
Nino loves seafood, so we went to this place where you actually choose the “things” you want to eat (see lower left photo above). He also tried oyster for the first time. He really liked them and said they tasted of “sea”. Kinda strange…
TheMowWay.com  - Holiday by the beach Views from our tent, the camping site was less than 5 minutes away from this lovely beach. 🙂
TheMowWay.com  - Holiday by the beach TheMowWay.com  - Holiday by the beach
Love this beautiful photo <3
TheMowWay.com  - Holiday by the beach And we did a lot of this… napping! 🙂
TheMowWay.com  - Holiday by the beach

How freakin’ awesome is this photo Nino took? It’s literally one of my favourite photos ever. 🙂

Have you been away lately?

Tell us all about it!
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Camping with Friends by the Mediterranean Sea (Holiday)

Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.comA couple of weeks ago i went on a mini holiday with some of the loveliest ladies! Maria, Empar and Olivia. We went camping (yes, camping!!!!) to Javea, a cute town right on the mediterranean sea. We had such a great time I forgot to take photo! (what a terrible blogger I am…), but the next day I spent the day with Olivia in Gandía and she was kind enough to lent me her camera so I could take a few shots. Thanks Oli!!!! 🙂
I can´t quite explain how grateful I am for having these amazing ladies in my life!  Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.com Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.com
We sat in a “chiringuito” right beside the sea side (straight on the sand) and sipped on our drinks. This is one of y favourite summer drinks: Hanf lemon slushy and half beer.
If you come to Spain as for: “Una clara con granizado de limón”. You will love it!
Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.com
We went to this super exclusive open air restaurant-disco, which is on the beach too! In the photo on the right you can see the swimming pool they have built in the sea for all those who go and have a bite to eat or a drink. Divine!!
Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.com
Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.com Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.com
This photo totally makes me think of the caribbean!!         Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.com
We ended up having another drink at the bar in which the guys from Gandia Shore (Spanish version of Jersey and Jordie Shore) worked on the beach (see here) Not that I am fan of the show (I MUCH prefer Jersey shoreee!!), but it was a laugh.
Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.com   

Me, exhausted after a whole morning walking around the beach and enjoying the lovely weather. Life is so though sometimes! Ha! 

Remember: Never stop smiling, you never know who might fall in love with your smile.

You never know when or where you are going to meet people who will become TRUE friends and will make you feel like you are worth a milion dollars.

And I tell you, that feeling is almost as rare as awesome.
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