Holiday Vlog: oh sunny Spain, I love you!  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high MigueleteHello friends! Welcome to another episode of “Being a tourist in my city”! (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read more about the series here!) This time around I recorded some clops of out outing and put them together in a little video… my first Vlog?? I would say yes!  🙂 I think I did a pretty good job editing, the video matches the audio,  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high Miguelete
In case you didn’t know, I’m currently living in sunny Valencia, Spain. It’s a city with lots of interesting buildings and lost of history! We decided to go up the Miguelete tower, a massive tower wight in the city centre, which you can only walk up (no lift!!) 207 steps later we were at the top (we had to stop to catch out breath every once in a while!). It was CRAZY how windy it was. I look some photos of my hair wild like above and sent it to some people saying I was doing bungee jumping, and they believed me! ha!  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high Miguelete
I love doing these posts, as I trully enjoy spending the day wandering around the city and look at the city with tourist eyes, appreciating what we have aound us! This is another view of the towewe went up to! Love the contrast of the cream building, while couds and blue sky. 🙂  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high Miguelete  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high Miguelete 
From the top of the tower, we had the most amazing views of the whole city, incredibly. Totally worth while!  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high Miguelete
More flying photos… yaaay!

And here goes my new video, hope you enjoy it, let me know your thoughts!!
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Primark (kid’s section) monochrome dress for Fallas (Outfit)  - Monochrome Fallas 2014 Outfit EN: Wow, these photos came out nice and bright, just how I like them! Fallas, incredible local festivity celebrated in Valencia, Spain (where we’re currently living) ended yesterday, it’s been great. The weather has been incredible, nice and sunny. Yay! You can read last year’s Fallas post here!
ES: Estas fotos han salido muy vistosas, como a mi me gustan! Fallas, la increible festividad local acabaron ayer, ha estado genial! El tiempo ha acompañado, bonito y soleado.  Podéis leer mi post de Fallas del año pasado aquí.  - Monochrome Fallas 2014 Outfit  - Monochrome Fallas 2014 Outfit
This is what I wore to walk around the city, watch a “Mascletà” (firecracker show), see fallas, eat pumpkin “buñuelos” (like fried doghnuts, yum) and do the ussual “touristy” things. 🙂
Ésto es lo que me puse para pasear por la ciudad, ver fallas, Mascletà, comer buñuelos de calabaza y hacer lo típico que hacen los turistas (como buena guiri que soy, ha!)  - Monochrome Fallas 2014 Outfit  - Monochrome Fallas 2014 Outfit
  This is one of the fallas which is near where we live. It truly breaks my heart that they burn them down on the night of the 19th of March. The details on the monuments are incredible!!!
Ésta es una de las Fallas que hay bajo de nuestra casa. Se me parte el corazón saber que les prenden fuego la noche del 19 de Marzo. Cuántos detalles tienen los ninots!!  - Monochrome Fallas 2014 OutfitThese shoes are seiously the best investment ever. They are soooo comfy and look great with pretty much everything!  - Monochrome Fallas 2014 Outfit     Who doesn’t love this monochrome trend? I do, but I couldn’t find a dress a liked until I found this dress from Primark in the KIDS section for about 5EUR, suuuper score!
A quién lo le gusta esta moda monocromática? A mi me encanta, pero no había podido encontrar un vestido hasta queme crucé con este en la sección de NIÑOS de Primark por unos 5EUR, yay!

Do you buy clothes from the kids section?
I ussually go to HM and Primark kids sections! 🙂

Dress: Primark Kids (5)
Cardigan: HM (12)
Denim jacket: Vintage Levi’s (10)
Boots: Coltrane by Jeffrey Campbell (135)


Holiday in sunny Valencia, Spain! (Photography)  - Holiday in sunny Spain (Outfit)  - Holiday in sunny Spain (Outfit)  - Holiday in sunny Spain (Outfit)  - Holiday in sunny Spain (Outfit)  - Holiday in sunny Spain (Outfit)  - Holiday in sunny Spain (Outfit)  - Holiday in sunny Spain (Outfit)
Snapshots from our mini holiday last weekend. The weather was amazing, so we enjoyed strolling round the town centre and having a bite to eat. I showed you here my entire outfit, which I loved! That sweater is incredibly cosy and comfy, winner! 
We stopped at a lovely cafe and had a couple ice cold beers and some “bravas” (potato wedges with garlic mayo and tomato sauce! yum!!) and enjoyed the sunshine on our faces! It’s important never to leave the house without any suncream. I got a teeny weeny bit sunburnt on my nose! 🙂
You can read all about our other touristy adventures in the city we’re currently living in Spain here!

So, this was our weekend, how was yours?