Vagabond Diion sandals unboxing (New in)

I’ve finally got around to posting some close up photos of my beloved Vagabond Sandals I got last month for travelling to Majorca. I do think these were a bit on the expensive side, but they are SO comfortable, I really think they are worth the hype.  - Vagabond Diion sandals unboxing The only downside I see is that they will be leaving me strange tan lines on my feet. I live in very sunny Valencia (on the mediterranean coast of Spain), so we get A LOT of sunshine pretty much all year around, so I must remember to apply sunscreen lotion (I should do it anyway, by the way…)
Back to the shoes, they are very comfy to walk in, even if you’re on the go for ALL day. The top part is PU, but the inside is leather. The strap over the shoe is adjustable with velcro and I didn’t need  to break into them, they did not hurt my feed what so ever.  - Vagabond Diion sandals unboxing Can’t get over how puuurfect they are! They have such a cool 90’s vibe! They remind me so much of the Spice Girls. I has a huge fan of Geri Halliwell and I remember she had a very similar pair of shoes on a poster I had of her in my room, when I was a teen! 🙂  - Vagabond Diion sandals unboxing
Do you like Vagabond shoes?
I’m already planning on winter shoes… these will be my next purchase!
I’m off on holiday:
I will be in Manchester from this evening until next Monday,
let me know if you wish to meet us for a little shopping spree or for coffee! 🙂 
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Shoe Unboxing: Jeffrey Campbell Freda booties (Photos + Video)

  - TheMowWay.comA new pair of Jeffrey Campbell black booties deserve a post to themselves. I was super lucky to snatch these bad boys for a mere 50EUR, I can’t believe my luck! They are chunky, lightweight, sturdy and gorgeous. What else could I wish for a perfect pair of booties? As you can see here this styile retail at 220EUR, so this shows what an amazing bargain I got!!!!!! Scroll down to watch the unboxing video and don’ forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel!   - TheMowWay.comWhile sorting through some folders on my computer, I found these ones and the video. I recorded it a few months ago and I had forgotten all about it! Hope you don’t mind watching something “old”. I also found a few more videos, so I hope I’ll finish editing them soon (gawd, I HATE Imovie!) and to post them soon, maybe to a video a week? We’ll see.   -   - TheMowWay.comThey are quite similar to the Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes, but these have a wider heel and are slightly higher. I absolutelly adore my Litas, but the fact that they are made out of black velvet makes me not want to wear them when there is bad weather, as I fear I might damage them (FYI: these are my absolutely favourite shoes everrrr!)   -

Do you like Jeffrey Campbell shoes?
What’s YOUR favourite style?

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Here you can see my other JC shoes!

Must have: Nine pairs of black booties to die for – (Wish list)

Must have: Nine pairs of black booties to die for - Jeffrey Campbell, UNIF, Rebel - TheMowWay

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Who doesn’t love a gorgeous pair of black booties?
A gorgeous pair of black booties  are one of the must have items in our wardrobes for this spring!
As you already know, I am obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell shoes, do I decided to show you some of my favourite designs, from this brand, along with some Unif, Rebel, Andreia Chaves & Deandri designs.
This is a selection of nine pairs of black booties to die for!
Wish I had more money that sense…

Ps. Watch out this space! I will be sharing with you very soon my newest outfit, featuring one of the above beauties!!! Can you guess which one?

Which of these pairs of black booties would you style?