Holiday by the Mediterranean beach  - Holiday by the beach Some time ago we decided to go on a mini holiday to the beach. Although the city we live in is right on the beach, we like to go down south to enjoy some “touristy” business. We spent some days in Calpe, which is not too far away from Benidorm. Like I did with some of my lovely girl friends  few months back we did camping (told you all about it in this post!)  - Holiday by the beach

The camping had this loovely pool with a bar which served fabulous cocktails. As you can see, Nino had a hard time unwinding and chillin´. ha!  - Holiday by the beach  Some of us had gintonics, others had chocolate ice creams. Yum. The waters were crystal clear, a dream. Relaaaxig views from my hammock, the palm trees gave it a caribbean touch.  - Holiday by the beach  - Holiday by the beach
Nino loves seafood, so we went to this place where you actually choose the “things” you want to eat (see lower left photo above). He also tried oyster for the first time. He really liked them and said they tasted of “sea”. Kinda strange…  - Holiday by the beach Views from our tent, the camping site was less than 5 minutes away from this lovely beach. 🙂  - Holiday by the beach  - Holiday by the beach
Love this beautiful photo <3  - Holiday by the beach And we did a lot of this… napping! 🙂  - Holiday by the beach

How freakin’ awesome is this photo Nino took? It’s literally one of my favourite photos ever. 🙂

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