Cat dress on a rainy day (Outfit)  - Cat dress on a rainy day (Outfit)The weather has been crazy. One day it’s +37 degrees and the next one it’s raining and cold (24C, not that cold, but this is Spain, y´know :)) This past weekend I spent a whole day cleaning my computer and I found these photos from a couple months ago. I know it’s still summer over here, but I wanted to be supportive with those who live in cooler countries and share what to me is pretty much the perfect autumn outfit. Don’t think you can properly see it in these photos, but when we took them it was literally pouring down. Arg, it’s so hard being glam when the weather doesn’t cooperate right? #firstworldproblems.  - Cat dress on a rainy day (Outfit)There’s something really special about these photos (aparte of how perfect this dress goes with my absolute favourite shoes..). These photos were I’m slowly but surely getting back into blogging… and I’m loving it! I’ll be starting a photography course later this month and quite possibly a photoshop mini-course too. I’m so excited about the future. It’s incredible that I manage to say it and actually belive it. Life is good.

Twin Style: H&M cat dress to work with Delighted Laura (Outfit)  - Twin Style: HM cat dress with Laura from The Blog of Worldly Delights(Outfit)   The minute I saw Laura wearing this dress combined with a shirt (see her post here!) I knew I wanted to combine this dress the same way. So I started thinking… why not say “THANKS” for the inspiration by doing a “twin style” post together!? So I shot her an email and that’s how we came up with this idea: sharing both an outfit styling the same item in our very personal way!!  - Twin Style: HM cat dress with Laura from The Blog of Worldly Delights(Outfit) See Laura’s FULL outfit post HERE!

Every now and again you “meet” someone on the internet and you think… “gosh, I’d love to live closer to this person so we could go and get coffee some day..!”. Forgetting that this sounds slightly “stalkish” (does that word even exist?), it’s true. It doesn’t happen very often, but I’ve been lucky to find a couple people out there who I’d REALLY like to meet in person. Looovely Laura is totally one of them! YAY! I LOVE the mint tights and isn’t it pretty AWESOME that we’re wearing almost the exact lip colour?? (See I told you we were total style twins!!!) 🙂  - Twin Style: HM cat dress with Laura from The Blog of Worldly Delights(Outfit)  I’m seriously obsessed with the print! It’s adorable! I’ve got loads of comments from random people saying they love it too! 🙂  - Twin Style: HM cat dress with Laura from The Blog of Worldly Delights(Outfit) How AMAZING did the photos turn out? It’s the first time that we’ve been able to capture the “golden hour” light in all it’s fullness. It makes everything beautiful and dreamy! We’ll be trying to make the most out of the light, but it ain’t easy, you only have a few minutes to snap some gorgeous shots before the sun sets!  - Twin Style: HM cat dress with Laura from The Blog of Worldly Delights(Outfit)
Like how I styled this dress to work? Out dress code is “casual bussiness” and I think it worked out great. The “boring” brown accessories toned the print down and the shirt made it more weather appropriate without having to cover the cute pattern.  - Twin Style: HM cat dress with Laura from The Blog of Worldly Delights(Outfit)  Laura, thanks for taking part in this idea!!! (although I was terribly BAD organiced!!)
I wish some day we can go on a coffee date together rocking some “TWIN STYLE”!!! 🙂  - Twin Style: HM cat dress with Laura from The Blog of Worldly Delights(Outfit)
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What I wore: 
Dress: HM (20) (last seen here!)
Hat, Shirt, Necklace, Bag: Primark
Glasses* c/o Selectpecs
Shoes: MariPaz (9)
Coat: Vntage (5)
Lipstick: MAC Girl About town (20)
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Cat print dress and Coltrane black booties (Outfit)  - On trend: Cat print dress
The moment I saw this cat print dress I knew it had to be mine! I’d seen it all over the web, but I still loved it! I was extra lucky to snatcg the last one from the rack in Manchester when I was there last month and since, I have been living in it! Runs slightly large, so in doubt, size down! 🙂  - On trend: Cat print dressAnother of my UK scores was this adooorable floral crown. At 2.50 pounds it was an amazig find!  - On trend: Cat print dress  - On trend: Cat print dress
My trusty Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane.. love them! They are so warm and comfy! These are sure THE winter boots for this year, although there are loads of people who think they are hideous! 🙂  - On trend: Cat print dress
What do you think of this handbag? Pretty perfect, right? I snatched during the summer sales in a spanish shop called Blanco for 9euros and I’ve got sooo mcuh wear out of it! It’s got a cute gold chain which you can strap to the sides so you can hang it from your shoulder.  - On trend: Cat print dress    Friday is national holiday in Spain and on monday I’m off to spend 8 days in England visiting friends and family! REALLY excited to meet up with these pretty AMAZING bloggers: Halima, Stacey and Katie, amongs many others!! If you’re in Manchester from 04 to 09 of November and fancy meeting up, just let me know! I’d loooove to go out for a coffee or a bite to eat! 🙂 

What I wore: 
Dress: HM (19)
Floral Crown: Primark (3)
Biker Jacket: Zara (60)
Clutch: Blanco (9)
Booties: Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane (last seen here!)(135)
Ring: Primark (1.50)
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