Cat dress on a rainy day (Outfit)  - Cat dress on a rainy day (Outfit)The weather has been crazy. One day it’s +37 degrees and the next one it’s raining and cold (24C, not that cold, but this is Spain, y´know :)) This past weekend I spent a whole day cleaning my computer and I found these photos from a couple months ago. I know it’s still summer over here, but I wanted to be supportive with those who live in cooler countries and share what to me is pretty much the perfect autumn outfit. Don’t think you can properly see it in these photos, but when we took them it was literally pouring down. Arg, it’s so hard being glam when the weather doesn’t cooperate right? #firstworldproblems.  - Cat dress on a rainy day (Outfit)There’s something really special about these photos (aparte of how perfect this dress goes with my absolute favourite shoes..). These photos were I’m slowly but surely getting back into blogging… and I’m loving it! I’ll be starting a photography course later this month and quite possibly a photoshop mini-course too. I’m so excited about the future. It’s incredible that I manage to say it and actually belive it. Life is good.

White Kenzo sweatshirt (Outfit)  -  -  -  - Yet again a sleepy face. I was super tired and forgot my sunglasses. I wasn’t sure if I wanted the world to see my horrible face, but I really like this sweatshirt so I just decided to post it. I know it’s a replica, but i don’t like it because it’s “Kenzo” (I’d never heard of that brand until these sweatshirts came into fashion!), but just because I do. The lion design is adorable and the bright letters are super cool. At first I really wanted the green version (here on ebay), but it was wayyyy too pricey. So when Anita from the blog “El blog de Anita” shared all about this store which were selling these for 9€ I decided to get it. I would have liked it to be a big roomier, but it’s ok!

What do you think about wearing replicas? 
I’m ok with it as long people are honest about them.

Sweatshirt: Local store (9)
Skirt: Blanco but thrifted (1)
Levi´s Jacket: Vintage Kids (10)
Boots: Coltrane by Jeffrey Campbell (135)

Leather biker and vintage Levi’s (Outfit)  - Leather biker and vintage Levi's (Outfit) EN: So, I’m wearing shorts again (the same ones I wore here). It might not seem a big deal to you but I swear I’d never used shorts until last year. Now, I basically live in them. Oh life, what will be next?
ES: Así que aqui estoy, en pantalones cortos de nuevo (los mismos que aquí). Puede que no te parezca gran cosa, pero hasta el año pasado nunca me había puesto un short y ahora básicamente vivo en ellos. Qué vida… qué será lo siguiente?  - Leather biker and vintage Levi's (Outfit)  A couple of weeks a “tapas party” was held in Valencia, some of the best bars and restaurants of Valencia got together to offer their best tapas at great prices (hello crisis!). It was held near the harbour, right next to the beach. It would have been an amazing day if it hadn’t been so windy? See those potato wedged on the photo below? Some of them got blown away from our place while we were trying to eat them… In any case, everything we tried was AMAZING.  - Leather biker and vintage Levi's (Outfit)   From the top right clockwise: Patatas bravas (my absolute favourite tapa, EVAH, potato wedged with garlic mayo, yum!), Fideuá (it’s like fish paella, but made with short pieces of pasta, Nino loves this), incredible spices for Gin Tonics, name of the event!!, artichokes in tempura with goats cheese sauce and poppy seeds (this one was the best).
Patatas bravas, Fideuá, especias para Gin tonics de autor, nombre del evento y alcachofas en tempura con salsa de queso de cabra y semillas de amapola (apoteósico).  - Leather biker and vintage Levi's (Outfit)
I loooove how these photos came out, this place is wonderful to take outfit photos (in spite of the incredible strong wind. You can see photos is the exact place here. The place is beautiful. If you’re ever in Valencia, it’s totally worth the visit! 🙂  - Leather biker and vintage Levi's (Outfit)Every blogger must take a few mirror selfies before leaving the house, right? I got this sweater two sizes bigger than mine, as I was planning on wearing it as a dress, but it actually shrunk in the wash… so I just wear it with shorts 🙂 I’d like to grab some lace cycling shorts for summer, thoughts?  - Leather biker and vintage Levi's (Outfit)  - Leather biker and vintage Levi's (Outfit)
Nino with a beer in one hand an a place of some sort of food in the other one.. the happiest man alive. He had a hamburguer (above) which he claims might have been the best one he’d ever had. So I can safely say this was an absolute success! 🙂 


Have you ever had typical spanish tapas/food? What’s your favourite dish?
Cuál es vuestra tapa/comida española favorita?

Biker: Zara (60)
Shorts: Vintage + DIY (1)
Sweater: Primark (15)
Boots: Coltrane by JC (135)
Ring c/o* Sammydress

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