Floral vintage dress on holiday (Outfit)

Vintage dress on Holiday  - TheMowWay.com
As some of you may or may not know, I’ve spent the past two weeks in Manchester, UK, visiting friends and family! I was very lucky as the weather was quite nice! This is the only “decent” outfit shot I took during my whole stay in England! (I am pulling such a strange face, plus my cheeks are bright red due to the cold air!). I hand’t planned anything special in regards to outfits and since I had given my personal photographer (aka Nino, my boyfriend) a few days off (he did not come with me), I just went with my iphone and snapped some shots on the go. I had an amazing time and met some wonderful people! I’m really looking forward to go back soon! Soon I’ll be sharing some photos of a really cool event I attended, keep your eyes peeled! 🙂
Ps. Yesss, this is yet another of my wonderful 0.50EUR scores! Hurrah for thrifting! 🙂

What I wore:
Dress: Vintage (0.50)
Jacket: Zara (60)
Frilly Socks: Primark (1.50)

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Camping with Friends by the Mediterranean Sea (Holiday)

Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.comA couple of weeks ago i went on a mini holiday with some of the loveliest ladies! Maria, Empar and Olivia. We went camping (yes, camping!!!!) to Javea, a cute town right on the mediterranean sea. We had such a great time I forgot to take photo! (what a terrible blogger I am…), but the next day I spent the day with Olivia in Gandía and she was kind enough to lent me her camera so I could take a few shots. Thanks Oli!!!! 🙂
I can´t quite explain how grateful I am for having these amazing ladies in my life!  Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.com Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.com
We sat in a “chiringuito” right beside the sea side (straight on the sand) and sipped on our drinks. This is one of y favourite summer drinks: Hanf lemon slushy and half beer.
If you come to Spain as for: “Una clara con granizado de limón”. You will love it!
Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.com
We went to this super exclusive open air restaurant-disco, which is on the beach too! In the photo on the right you can see the swimming pool they have built in the sea for all those who go and have a bite to eat or a drink. Divine!!
Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.com
Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.com Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.com
This photo totally makes me think of the caribbean!!         Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.com
We ended up having another drink at the bar in which the guys from Gandia Shore (Spanish version of Jersey and Jordie Shore) worked on the beach (see here) Not that I am fan of the show (I MUCH prefer Jersey shoreee!!), but it was a laugh.
Camping with friends  - TheMowWay.com   

Me, exhausted after a whole morning walking around the beach and enjoying the lovely weather. Life is so though sometimes! Ha! 

Remember: Never stop smiling, you never know who might fall in love with your smile.

You never know when or where you are going to meet people who will become TRUE friends and will make you feel like you are worth a milion dollars.

And I tell you, that feeling is almost as rare as awesome.
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Easter in sunny Spain

Easter in Spain - TheMowWayThis is where we spent our easter holidays. Up in the mountains about 1.5h drive from Valencia, near mountain Peñagolosa. Easter in Spain - TheMowWayMy mum has a house in the mountains, it’s lovely and quiet. No mobile phone signal or internet. Paris loves munching around in her front yard. Easter in Spain - TheMowWayNino Climbed some mountains and we went for long walks. Easter in Spain - TheMowWayWe ate one of the best paellas in the world! Easter in Spain - TheMowWayAnd we played around the “pool” (aka. dirty pond full of toads). Easter in Spain - TheMowWayWe sat down in the sun, someof us stared into the mountains, others read books. Easter in Spain - TheMowWayShared this photo on Instagram (follow here), while we were on the road. Easter in Spain - TheMowWayWe also stared into the mediterranean sea and watched the coulds go by. Easter in Spain - TheMowWaySome of us even ate chocolate eggs brough by the Easter bunny! Easter in Spain - TheMowWayWe also had typical spanish siestas (aka. naps). Easter in Spain - TheMowWayA better view of the green pond. Easter in Spain - TheMowWayWe went for brisk waks at dust while it drizzled. Easter in Spain - TheMowWayAnd we took photos of AMAZING clouds like this one!! (swear there is no photoshop here!) Easter in Spain - TheMowWayAnd this is what we did.
What were you upto during Easter? 
Let us know all about it!!!

Ps. All photos taken with my Iphone! Love my baby! 🙂