Holiday in sunny Valencia, Spain! (Photography)  - Holiday in sunny Spain (Outfit)  - Holiday in sunny Spain (Outfit)  - Holiday in sunny Spain (Outfit)  - Holiday in sunny Spain (Outfit)  - Holiday in sunny Spain (Outfit)  - Holiday in sunny Spain (Outfit)  - Holiday in sunny Spain (Outfit)
Snapshots from our mini holiday last weekend. The weather was amazing, so we enjoyed strolling round the town centre and having a bite to eat. I showed you here my entire outfit, which I loved! That sweater is incredibly cosy and comfy, winner! 
We stopped at a lovely cafe and had a couple ice cold beers and some “bravas” (potato wedges with garlic mayo and tomato sauce! yum!!) and enjoyed the sunshine on our faces! It’s important never to leave the house without any suncream. I got a teeny weeny bit sunburnt on my nose! 🙂
You can read all about our other touristy adventures in the city we’re currently living in Spain here!

So, this was our weekend, how was yours?

Cheeky Sunday Selfie w.3 (Photography)  - Cheeky Sunday Selvie w.3
Cheeky Sunday selfie us back to celebra SELF-LOVE! A little recap of the past two weeks! We’ve been on holiday in the UK visiting my family, it’s been a great time. Back to reality! (sigh…)  - Cheeky Sunday Selvie w.3  Paris look even cuter now that her mohawk’s grown back! ♥ Rummikub is my fave board game! What’s yours? ♥ Street market stall ♥ Nino snapping shots at Ribchester cemetery ♥ Homemade pancakes are always the best ♥ Frosty leaves in Nexcastle  - Cheeky Sunday Selvie w.3 
Manchester is probably my favourite city on earth ♥ Taking photos for the blog ♥ This is one of my favourite outfit post upto date (see more here!) ♥ Cleaning up the house is VERY hard work ♥ Fresh raspberries and vainilla ice cream. ♥ Delish ramen dinner in Newcastle  - Cheeky Sunday Selvie w.3  - Cheeky Sunday Selvie w.3
I’m back youtubing…. read all about my tips on using liquid keratin at home (see video HERE!!!) ♥ The day we got back home from holiday we had breakfast twice in a day ♥ Cuddles with my cutie pie ♥ Love this amazing dress (see full post here!) My favourite drink ever ♥ Cute set I got for my friend Anouk’s baby, Alba  - Cheeky Sunday Selvie w.3   Oldie but goodie, found these photos from a while back (see full post here!) ♥ More pancakes. YUM ♥ New meaning to “piggyback” ♥ Love this super cute blazer (full post here!) ♥ Gawd I love that snout!
Hope you have an amazing Sunday…
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My Cheeky Sunday Selfie: a challenge to celebrate my Unperfect self  - My Cheeky_Sunday_Selfie_01 I’ve been into photography challenges lately! I’ thought I’d start my own! Each Sunday I’ll be uploading a cheeky selfie on Instagram (follow me here) to celebrate that I’m not perfect but I still love myself!! Can you think of anything better to celebrate?! If you want to join me, share your selfies and use the hashtag #MyCheekySundaySelfie. Each Sunday I’ll do a little recap  of my week here on the blog and  I’ll feature & give a shout out to those who have joined me!  - My Cheeky_Sunday_Selfie_01

Paris looking fab for the #snoutsunday video (check it out here!♥ One day I’ll live in this house ♥ Green smoothie, recipe here♥ This house lays right in front of our building, dreamy sunrise! ♥ Another yummy smoothie, recipe here♥ OMG we had these amazing pizzas. YUM!  - My Cheeky_Sunday_Selfie_01 Spooky halloween photos (full post here♥ Spinach smoothie, recipe here♥ Paris helping me sort through my clothes ♥ Nino being the best photographer ever ♥ Another delish smoothie, recipe here♥ We had breakfast on a bridge (full post here!)

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3 ♥Love yourself and enjoy your day.
Have an amazing day and never forget you ARE perfect! 🙂
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