Cat dress on a rainy day (Outfit)  - Cat dress on a rainy day (Outfit)The weather has been crazy. One day it’s +37 degrees and the next one it’s raining and cold (24C, not that cold, but this is Spain, y´know :)) This past weekend I spent a whole day cleaning my computer and I found these photos from a couple months ago. I know it’s still summer over here, but I wanted to be supportive with those who live in cooler countries and share what to me is pretty much the perfect autumn outfit. Don’t think you can properly see it in these photos, but when we took them it was literally pouring down. Arg, it’s so hard being glam when the weather doesn’t cooperate right? #firstworldproblems.  - Cat dress on a rainy day (Outfit)There’s something really special about these photos (aparte of how perfect this dress goes with my absolute favourite shoes..). These photos were I’m slowly but surely getting back into blogging… and I’m loving it! I’ll be starting a photography course later this month and quite possibly a photoshop mini-course too. I’m so excited about the future. It’s incredible that I manage to say it and actually belive it. Life is good.

Looking like Wednesday Adams (Outfit)  - Looking like Wednesday Adams (Outfit)  This dress is so wonderful! It reminds me so much of Wednesday Adams. I totally believe in signs. When I first saw it I picked it up and I was going to pay full price for it (18is), but when I go to the cash desk the lady said it was marked down to 5eur. How could I not take it home?? Primark has the most amazing deals!
Estoy enamorada de este vestido, me recuerda tanto a Miércoles Adams. Yo creo en las señales. Cuando vi el vestido estaba dispuesta a pagar los 18eur que costaba, pero cuando la cajera me dijo que estaba rebajado a 5eur, como no iba a llevármelo? Primark tiene algunas cosas que son alucinantes! 🙂  - Looking like Wednesday Adams (Outfit)  - Looking like Wednesday Adams (Outfit)  - Looking like Wednesday Adams (Outfit)  - Looking like Wednesday Adams (Outfit)
This is what I wore on sunday to a choir concert in which three lovely ladies I know were singing. Coro Alameda did amazing, it was wonderful!!! I’m really looking forward to the next ones, especially the Xmas one!
Ésto es lo que elegí ponerme para el domingo pasado. Hacía un día espectadular y fuimos a ver un concierto del Coro Alameda, del cual son integrantes a la super cutie Maria Q, Antje e Irene (tres yelpers super adorables!) en la Beneficencia de Valencia. (Soy muy muy fan de los coros, me encantan!!!). La verdad es que quedamos impresionados. Tenemos muchas ganas de los siguientes conciertos, especialmente el de Navidad! En mi instagram tienes hasta un video… sublime!  - Looking like Wednesday Adams (Outfit)

How amazing is this photo?? Nino did a great job!!! Right?
A que la foto ha quedado genial? Nino hizo un buen trabajo, a que sí?

Do you like the “Wednesday Adams look”?
I love wearing all black from time to time! 🙂
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Fluffy cardi and leopard shirt (Outfit)  - Fluffy cardi and leopard shirt Outfit  - Fluffy cardi and leopard shirt Outfit  - Fluffy cardi and leopard shirt Outfit Hope you all have an amazing week.
Not much time to write as I ussually do, but I just wanted to tell the world how much I love this Primark cardigan. 12 quid really well spent! Should have got 10 of them! If you see them in stores i totally recommend picking one (or a few) up, I’d love to get my hands on a black one.

What do you think of creepers, YAY or NAY?

Shirt: HM (9)
Shorts: Blanco Suite (15)
Fluffy cardi: Primark (15) 
Parka HM (60)
Creepers: Ebay (20ish)