Cat dress on a rainy day (Outfit)  - Cat dress on a rainy day (Outfit)The weather has been crazy. One day it’s +37 degrees and the next one it’s raining and cold (24C, not that cold, but this is Spain, y´know :)) This past weekend I spent a whole day cleaning my computer and I found these photos from a couple months ago. I know it’s still summer over here, but I wanted to be supportive with those who live in cooler countries and share what to me is pretty much the perfect autumn outfit. Don’t think you can properly see it in these photos, but when we took them it was literally pouring down. Arg, it’s so hard being glam when the weather doesn’t cooperate right? #firstworldproblems.  - Cat dress on a rainy day (Outfit)There’s something really special about these photos (aparte of how perfect this dress goes with my absolute favourite shoes..). These photos were I’m slowly but surely getting back into blogging… and I’m loving it! I’ll be starting a photography course later this month and quite possibly a photoshop mini-course too. I’m so excited about the future. It’s incredible that I manage to say it and actually belive it. Life is good.

DIY tutorial – Spiked Vest

DIY tutorial: Studded Vest by
And here we go!
This is the little DIY “tutorial” I’ve put together for appling studs to a vest.
You saw the outcome on this Outfit post and I am really happy of the outcome!
This technique can be used to apply studs to any garment of material what so ever, so you just get your hands on your fave tee and start “stud-diy-ing”!
DIY tutorial: Studded Vest by
You will need:
– Studs (got mine from Ebay!) **These are actually SPIKES!
– Tee (mine is from Primark 2EUR)
– Erasable pen (mine has watersoluble ink)
– Scissors (ETA: OMG just noticed I wrote “sissors” on the image above…)
– Punch
– Ruler (not pictured, ooopsy!)
DIY tutorial: Studded Vest by
1) Place tee on a flat surface and mark where you want your studs to go. I used a ruler to place them perfectly and an erasable marker to avoid any mess in case I made a mistake. (You just dampen the mark you want to erase and it disappears like magic!)
DIY tutorial: Studded Vest by
2) Use a punch at the smallest setting to pierce the fabric. This makes the process much easier!
I used the scissors to cut off the little bits that came off.
DIY tutorial: Studded Vest by
3) Get distracted and take a few “artistic” photos!
DIY tutorial: Studded Vest by
4) Align all the studs nicely, to take a good shot and then start inserting the back pieces and screwing the front pieces on.
You can use a screwdriver, but it is not necessary, I fastened them all on perfectly by hand.
DIY tutorial: Studded Vest by
DIY tutorial: Studded Vest by
5) TA-DAH!!!!! You’re done!
Sit back and admire your wonderful and extra-easy DIY project!
And now get dresses and wear your super cool DIY studded vest!

Click HERE if you want to the full post on how I styled this DIY project!!!
DIY tutorial: Studded Vest by

Quick translation into Spanish!
Aquí tenéis un pequeño tutoria que he hecho para hacer una camiseta con tachuelas. Muy sencillo y rapido!
Materiales: Pinchos – Camiseta – Rodulador de tinta hidrosoluble – Tijeras – sacabocados – regla
1) Marcar en la camiseta donde queremos poner los pinchos
2) Con el sacabocados al tamaño mínimo, hacer agujeros en la camiseta y cortar el pequeño sobrante.
3) Parar a tomar unas cuantas fotos artísticas.
4) Poner todos los pinchos de manera bonita y ordenada para sacar unas buenas fotos y proceder a atornillar los pinchos (no hace falta destornillador).
5) Admira tu primera camiseta DIY con pinchos y ahora ve a vestirte con tu nueva camiseta “tuneada”!!

Difficulty: 0/5
Total time: 7 minutes
Total cost: 2.95EUR (studs + tee)
Overall mark: 6/5!!

If you use this tutorial, please send a photo or a link!
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