Holiday Vlog: oh sunny Spain, I love you!  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high MigueleteHello friends! Welcome to another episode of “Being a tourist in my city”! (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read more about the series here!) This time around I recorded some clops of out outing and put them together in a little video… my first Vlog?? I would say yes!  🙂 I think I did a pretty good job editing, the video matches the audio,  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high Miguelete
In case you didn’t know, I’m currently living in sunny Valencia, Spain. It’s a city with lots of interesting buildings and lost of history! We decided to go up the Miguelete tower, a massive tower wight in the city centre, which you can only walk up (no lift!!) 207 steps later we were at the top (we had to stop to catch out breath every once in a while!). It was CRAZY how windy it was. I look some photos of my hair wild like above and sent it to some people saying I was doing bungee jumping, and they believed me! ha!  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high Miguelete
I love doing these posts, as I trully enjoy spending the day wandering around the city and look at the city with tourist eyes, appreciating what we have aound us! This is another view of the towewe went up to! Love the contrast of the cream building, while couds and blue sky. 🙂  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high Miguelete  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high Miguelete 
From the top of the tower, we had the most amazing views of the whole city, incredibly. Totally worth while!  - Holiday Vlog: sunny Valencia 207 sets high Miguelete
More flying photos… yaaay!

And here goes my new video, hope you enjoy it, let me know your thoughts!!
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Side slit maxi (Outfit)  - Side slit maxi Bimba y Lola  - Side slit maxi Bimba y Lola  - Side slit maxi Bimba y Lola  - Side slit maxi Bimba y Lola

That was a long unexpected hiatus! I’ve been all over the place doing way too many things at the same time, which is stressful but exciting! I was on holiday in England visiting my family which was great. Also, we finally signed a rent contract for an AMAZING (and HUGE) house (not a flat!!!) in the middle of the fields, 3 minutes drive from where we’re living at the moment. We’re starting to move this week. Boy, am I excited. I hope to be able to start vlogging and blogging consistently form the new house, as I will have my very own studio. Photos to come!
It’s only June and it’s already super hot, which means I basically live in shorts or maxi skirts. This one from Zara is comfy and easy to dress up or down depending on your plans 😉 I also wore this super cool necklace Born Pretty sent me as a gift. Just perfect! Not too big, not too small! 🙂
I hope you aren’t tired of this handbag (read more about it here), ’cause I’m not! Along with my trusty Vagabond sandals (full review on them here), they make the perfect combo. Love them.

Jacket: Vintage Levi’s (10)
Tee: Nino’s (HM)
Maxi: Zara (13ish)
Necklace c/o* Born Pretty
Bag: Bimba y Lola (more here)
Sandals: Vagabond Diion (more here)

What’s your to go item for summer?
Mine are maxis and shorts! 🙂
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Typical spanish tapas and high waisted shorts (Outfit)  - High waisted shortsAre you already tired of this handbag? I’M NOT! As I told you on this post, i’ve been wearing it almost and I think I will continue to do so for a few more weeks/months/years!! Last weekend Nino and I went for s stroll in the town centre (of Valencia, Spain, where we currently live) and we went to two places in which we had ice cold beers and delish tapas!!!!  - High waisted shorts We had this AAAAmaaaaazing baguette (in Spanish called “bocadillo or “bocata”!) at La Encina. It was packed full with fresh veggies and has 4.50€, which in my opinion was an absolute bargain!  - High waisted shorts I wore these gooorgeous high waisted shorts which are soo comfortable! I love how versatile they are! This is how i dresses them up with a pleather bustier…. here  - High waisted shorts Also at “La encina” we had “Patatas bravas” (my favourite Spanish tapa!), which is potato wedges (fresh potatoes, not frozen ones!) with garlic mayo and normal or het ketchup. YUM. The plate of curated sheep’ cheese drizzled with olive oil and herbs was amazing.  - High waisted shorts   This is the super cute sign on the outside of a bar called “Los Picapiedras“, the staff is super friendly and they serve a little nibble with each drink! (See above the bread with spanish omelette!)

Have you ever had Spanish tapas? 
Which one if your favourite one?

Shorts: Blanco Suite (10)
Top: Primark (5)
Jacket: Vintage Levis (10)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Bimba y Lola (read about it here)

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