Shoe Unboxing: Jeffrey Campbell Freda booties (Photos + Video)

  - TheMowWay.comA new pair of Jeffrey Campbell black booties deserve a post to themselves. I was super lucky to snatch these bad boys for a mere 50EUR, I can’t believe my luck! They are chunky, lightweight, sturdy and gorgeous. What else could I wish for a perfect pair of booties? As you can see here this styile retail at 220EUR, so this shows what an amazing bargain I got!!!!!! Scroll down to watch the unboxing video and don’ forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel!   - TheMowWay.comWhile sorting through some folders on my computer, I found these ones and the video. I recorded it a few months ago and I had forgotten all about it! Hope you don’t mind watching something “old”. I also found a few more videos, so I hope I’ll finish editing them soon (gawd, I HATE Imovie!) and to post them soon, maybe to a video a week? We’ll see.   -   - TheMowWay.comThey are quite similar to the Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes, but these have a wider heel and are slightly higher. I absolutelly adore my Litas, but the fact that they are made out of black velvet makes me not want to wear them when there is bad weather, as I fear I might damage them (FYI: these are my absolutely favourite shoes everrrr!)   -

Do you like Jeffrey Campbell shoes?
What’s YOUR favourite style?

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Here you can see my other JC shoes!

Home tour video and all about app!

I’ve already told you that I really like recording videos, you can get a better “feel” of people and things. I am currently working on starting a YouTube channel, but I’m having some “issues” with Imovie… why does it have to be sooo complicated?? In any case, I will get to it… but in the meanwhile, I’ve been recording loads of little videos on Instagram… especially of Paris our gorgeous pet pig!!

I tried using Videofyme a few months ago, but I didn’t get into the swing of it, but after I saw Helena’s post about her using it, I decided to give it another go (don’t forget to check out her blog, she has an amaaazing style!! :). Although I am not sure how to get the most out of it yet, the interface is much “smoother” now and much easier to navigate. Loving it!

What is it?

It’s an excusive mobile social platform/app which helps you record, edit, export and broadcast your videos… upto 10 minutes!!

It’s available for Iphone and Android!!

How does it work?

Record: capture the world around you within the app or import from your iphone.
Edit: add filters, similars to the ones on Instagram (my fave is Brooklyn)
Trim: your clips to choose exactly what you want to share.
Organice: move the clips to place them in the order you want them.
Soundtrack: add your favourite music straight from your Itunes library!
Share: share on TwitterFacebook and/or even Youtube!

If you are using Videofyme let us know what you think about if and share your links, looking forward to finding new users to follow!

Nice Random Things – February

Nice Random Things - TheMowWay blog
It’s been a long time since I last shared with you some of the photos I have been taking, apart the ones I share daily on Instagram.
Many of you are always asking me to tell you more about Paris, our gorgeous pet pig, so here you can see some photos of her.
These are all photos taken and touched up only with my Iphone.
Nice Random Things - TheMowWay blog
What I wore on saturday, my fave jeans, fave sweater and fave shirt. Bad hair day! 🙁
Nice Random Things - TheMowWay blog
Gorgeous flowers my Grandmother got my Mum.
Cleaning my shoes!! I am also on VINE: @themowway
Nice Random Things - TheMowWay blog
Secondhand shopping with my Grandmother.
Nice Random Things - TheMowWay blog
Paris sunbathing on the sofa at home!
Nice Random Things - TheMowWay blog
I did share this photo on Instagram. I was trying to get a good shot of my new pj and Paris kept jumping in. I just LOVE this photo, don’t quite sure why 🙂
Nice Random Things - TheMowWay blog
Best sandwich in a long time. Oats bread, tomatoe, mushrooms and grilled cheese. Yum.
Nice Random Things - TheMowWay blog
I made some lovely gingerbread!
Paris is on VINE!!
Nice Random Things - TheMowWay blog
Have a LOVELY week!! 🙂