Twin style: Green parka and black hat with Dunia from Oda al Ego (Outfit)  - Green parka and floppy hat with Dunia from Oda al EgoI must admit I am VERY excited. I’ve been LOVING Dunia’s amaaazing sense of style ever since I first stumbled across her blog. Love how she picks pieces which seem mismatching but make them work together as an outfit. She always looks flawless! These are some of her outfits during 2013… can I please go shopping in her wardrobeeee?  - Green parka and floppy hat with Dunia from Oda al Ego

See Dunia’s full post here!

  I mean, seriously, can anyone thing of a more perfect combination that this one? Her outfit is SUPER simple, yet incredible stylish. Obsessed with the over the knee socks. Gorgeous.
Dunia shares blog with her friend Dani, who also has a pretty amazing sense of style. His must haves are skintight jeans, incredible stylish mustache and suspenders with a really modern twist.  - Green parka and floppy hat with Dunia from Oda al Ego  This dress is adorable. It fits perfectly although it’s quite short! The neckline detailing adds a little somethin´ special! Paired with my boyfriend’s plaid shirt and my trusty HM parka I was ready for some shopping and drinks!  - Green parka and floppy hat with Dunia from Oda al Ego
As per usual, my stupid “bitch face“. I swear I am not annoyed! I think it’s the lighting, I’d love to take all outfit photos with sunglasses, but that would look really “diva-ish”, but it would avoid you having to see me frown on almost all photos… booo!  - Green parka and floppy hat with Dunia from Oda al Ego
What do you think of Nino’s shirt? Yay or Nay? (As if I didn’t have enough clothes of my own…)  - Green parka and floppy hat with Dunia from Oda al Ego

Rock it GURL! And thank YOU Dunia for taking part!!!!!!
Did you like this TWIN STYLE post?
Shoot me an email if you think we have SIMILAR style and you’d like you take part!

What I wore:
Hat & Coat: HM (15+60)
Dress: gift (here!)
Plaid shirt: Boyfriend’s
Booties: Freda by Jeffrey Campbell (50) (last seen here)
Handbag: Ebay (35)
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Zara asymmetrical dress (Outfit)  - Zara asymmetrical dress (Outfit)Love this Zara asymmetrical dress, it makes the perfect outfit and it has absolutelly everything I would ask for: it’s light and breezy, it drapes beautifully. It has clashy patterns, colours and layers. And my super favourite: it’s versatile, easy to dress us or down! Also, I was suuuper lucky to snatch it for 9EUR, reduced from 50EUR- Super score. The only down side is that it’s quite long, so I am unable to wear it with flats (unless I chop a few inches off)  - Zara asymmetrical dress (Outfit)
As you can see by the photos, this is an old outfit! We took these photos a year ago and they’ve been sitting since then in an abandoned file on Nino’s PC! I found a few more, so I night be sharing these older photos! This is nice, as it helps me realice how far we’ve come (photographically wise!). I have a serious problem organizing my photos. I think I need to buy a portable memory and carry it around with me…  - Zara asymmetrical dress (Outfit)  When the wind blows the back part of the dress flaps like a super hero cape. And I like that. 🙂

What I wore: 
Dress: Zara (9)
Head piece c/o* Oasap (last seen here!)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell  (135) (last seen here)

What about you? Do you “loose” photos on your computer?
How do you organice them to avoid losses?
Share with us your photo storing tips, please! 🙂

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Floral Blazer in Autumn (Outfit)  - Floral Blazer in Autumn Outfit
Good morning from Manchester! I’m here on holiday, spending time with my friends and family! Took these photos on Sunday evening, the day before we left to come over. It’s incredible that it’s November and the temperatures are so warm! On Sunday lunchtime it was around 28 degrees!  - Floral Blazer in Autumn Outfit
Oh, I’m loving floral blazers this autumn! In love with this lovely one from Persunmall (see it here!)! It’s very similar to one I eyed in Zara a few weeks ago for almost double price! I always say the same thing, but I really like versatile items! I can see myself wearing this blazer with some black trousers and a shirt to work. I really like being able to make the most of the items I have. I really like the slightly oversized look, for anyone thinking of getting it, as a reference I got a size L and it fits nicely, I wouldn’t have liked it smaller. (As a reference I am usually a size UK10).  - Floral Blazer in Autumn Outfit
And my favourite belt.. it’s so cute and comfy! The back is elasticised, so one size fits (almost) all.  - Floral Blazer in Autumn Outfit 

Do you like floral blazers? how would you style it?
Leave your thoughts below!
What I wore:
Blazer c/o* Persunmall (here)
Mesh dress: Zara (7)
Slip: HM (6)
Hat: Primark (12)
Belt: Blanco Suite (9)
Booties: Jeffrey Campbell Freda (50)


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