I love autumn/fall wishlist

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I love autumn. I’m super excited about the cooler temperatures, being able to wrap up in layers and drinking warm cups of lattes (homemade of course). Although it’s still quite warm here where I live, I’m day dreaming of being able to wear boots and a coat. I know, we all want what we don’t have, but this is how life is! This afternoon I was searching the internet for THE perfect burgundy bag. Although I didn’t find it, I managed to spend way too much time on NastyGal’s web, creating myself unnecessary needs. I really need number 3 and number 7 in my life. Those shoes will be mine. I need them. Like now.

What are you looking forward the most to this season?
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Mismatching tops and bottoms for spring (Wish list)

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It’s FRIDAY! And I couldn’t be happier. Weeks seem to go by sooo fast! These are some of my favourite items from Persumall (this is not a sponsored post!). I’m loving that green is back in fashion. It’s my absolute favourite colour ever! 🙂 I also really like the mouth patterns, especially the one on the botton, what you think?
I’ve joined this program to exercise 20m a day from home, I’m currently on day three and I tell you, it’s amazing. Head on over to Brianas YouTube account HERE and find out all about the challenge!

What’s your current favourite pattern?
I’d say mine is this one from Primark, too bad we can’t get it in Spain!

I’ll be selling second hand and vintage clothes this Sunday 11.05 at  Pinball Valencia
calle Concordia, barrio del Carmen.
Mercadillo de ropa vintage y de segunda mano… ven a vernos!!!!!

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This is not a sponsored post!

Spring sweatshirt love (Wish list)

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I love sweatshirts. I feel super comfortable in them, warm and cosy. Perfection! This season they are back, hope they stay around a bit. Ever since I got this one (which I basically live in), i’ve been wanting another one. Black if possible, as I’m a bit messy and even if I try my VERY best, I always get stains… I think I’ll go for number 9, a bit out of my comfort zone, yay! 🙂

What about you? Do you often wear black as you know you’ll
probably get stained (ink, clay, dust, peanut butter…) though the day?
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