I love autumn/fall wishlist

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I love autumn. I’m super excited about the cooler temperatures, being able to wrap up in layers and drinking warm cups of lattes (homemade of course). Although it’s still quite warm here where I live, I’m day dreaming of being able to wear boots and a coat. I know, we all want what we don’t have, but this is how life is! This afternoon I was searching the internet for THE perfect burgundy bag. Although I didn’t find it, I managed to spend way too much time on NastyGal’s web, creating myself unnecessary needs. I really need number 3 and number 7 in my life. Those shoes will be mine. I need them. Like now.

What are you looking forward the most to this season?
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I’m going on holiday to a Mediterranean Island!! (Wish list)

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EN: I’m off to Majorca (one of the balearic Islands in the Mediterranean sea in Spain, find out more here) in less than two weeks and I’m already day dreaming about outfits for the super sunny and warm weather. Yay! So yesterday while browsing the internet a few items caught my eye… I think there’s a floral theme going on! 🙂 Obviously I love going on holiday, but packing makes me panic (it even rhymes!!!!) I take ages and in the end I always end up with loads of things I don’t need and forgetting the essentials… I don’t like planning outfits ahead… Yep I’m a legit “Procrastination queen”.
ES: Me voy a Mallorca (una de las islas españolas en el Mediterráneo) en menos de dos semanas y no paro de soñar despierta con outfits para dias soleados y cálidos! Síiii!! Asi que ayer mientras surfeaba la red encontré algunas cosillas que me gustaron. Creo que el rollo floral es en lo que estoy ahora. Obviamente me encanta irme de vacaciones, pero hacer la maleta para mi es un auténtico suplicio. Siempre acabo con mil cosas que no necesito y me dejo lo esencial… No me gusta nada planificar outfits de antemano!

Any tips on how to pack a suitcase like a Pro?
Algún consejo para hacerme la maleta como una “pofeshional”?


White shoe obsession (Wish list)

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EN: As the days get warmer I spend more and more time fantasizing about warm days, comfy sandals, bright pedis and second hand street markets.. And all this makes me think of white shoes… no idea why! I’ll be getting my hands on a pair soon, just have to decide which one. Obsessed with #5, they’re sooo perfect! 
ES: Ahora que las temperaturas empiezan a subir, me pillo a mi misma fantaseando con días cálidos, sandalias cómodas, pedicuras de colores vibrantes y mercadillos de segunda mano.
Y todo ésto me hace pensar en zapatos blancos… Desconozco la razón, pero es así!
Mientras me decido qué par escoger (ojalá pudiese quedarme con todos), comparto una seleccion de los que más me han gustado. Estoy obsesionada con los nr 5, qué perfección!!!!

If you had to choose one pair, which one would you go for?
I think i’d get for this one…!

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