Red and blue flowers (Outfit + Video)

Red and Blue Flowers *

Back from spending a few days in Dublin on a mini holiday with Nino.
Hope to get back into the swing of blogging asap, as I have plenty lined up to share!
I am always doing my best to learn new skills, so I am currently working hard on Imovie and Youtube… and I must say that they aren’t giving me an easy time…
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What did you think? Like video outfit posts?

Although there aren’t many bloggers doing videos, I really like them as you can REALLY see what a certain item/look is like “in movement”. Do you know what I mean?

Red and Blue Flowers *
Red and Blue Flowers *
Red and Blue Flowers *

Snatched this dress from Blanco Suite when it was on sale 5-6 years ago. A couple of months after, my mom arrived at my place wearing this same dress. And I asked her: “When did I lend it to you?” and she said: “You didn’t lend it to me, it’s mine..!”
My mom and I, we both bought the same dress… haha! Surprising!

Red and Blue Flowers *

Looking into the sky, beautiful clouds!

What I wore: 
Dress + Belt: Blanco Suite
Heels: Mustang
Handbag: Carolina Herrera (Gift from my mum)
Sunnies: TheMowWay Shop (soon)
Jewelry: Primark + H&M

The first VIDEO post ever! Recent Purchases (and Paris)

Pfew! After long waiting times I have finally recorded a VIDEO! Yay!
I am quite happy with the outcome, I can’t believe I recorded the whole video non stop!
Well Paris interrupted me once, you can see her on min 4.30. She’s such a cutie,

I also uploaded the exact same video onto Youtube (cutting a bit out as it was 15.35 min long), but the quality is terrible, no idea why! You can check it out HERE.

Thank you ever so much for stopping by and reading/watching!
More videos to come soon!!

Looking forward to hear what you think!

PS. If you have recorded a video recently, please leave a link to it below so we can all check it out!