Life can be overwhelming, but in a good way.



So.many.things have been going on in my life. Most of them are actually good, maybe even great. Sometimes life gets overwhelming, but in a good way. We choose to enjoy the joys of life and forget about the rest, Or maybe this only happens to me?

Good stuff that’s been going on in my life:

  • Changed jobs 9 months ago. No regrets.
  • We moved 13 months ago. Best.desicion.ever! (we moved from a 6osqm flat to a 180sqm house)
  • We adopted the sweetest cat ever 7 month ago: Muffin.
  • A month ago I decided to purge my belongings getting rid of 60% of my belongings. (this book helped me, it’s amazing and wonderful, got the kindle version)
  • In July I spent the best 4 days at an amazing 24h ono-stop beach music festival with my girlfriends. It was amazing.
  • We have three adorable kitties in “foster-care”. Hope we can find a good family for them. 🙂 I’ll share their horrifying story later.
  • I’ve had my Nutribullet (get it here) for about a week and I seriously don’t know how I’ve lived this long without one.
  • Only 5 days until we go on holiday to Istanbul. YAY!

And these are a few just out of the top of my head!


Although it’s been a while I must say I miss blogging. I’m going to come back to it slowly as I truly love having the opportunity to write an online diary to keep track of the things I liked enough to photograph & write about. Maybe I might even inspire someone.
Now that I’m back on my feet I feel I can conquer the world, let me take you on this journey with me! 🙂

Outfit details:
Parka: H&M (60)
Cardi: Primark (12)
Dress: HM Kids (15)
Nails: Essie

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