Back to school series: Pineapples and crop tops (Outfit)  - Back to school series: Pineapples and crop tops (Outfit)Welcome to my BTS series!! Since it’s not very long until many of you go back to school I thought I’d create a series of posts styling outfits which are trendy yet school/uni appropriate. Today I chose a crop top. It’s taken a whie for this trend to sink into me, but now I love it. The key to wearing a crop top without looking trashy is to choose high waisted bottoms. Whether it’s a skirt, trousers or shorts, get them so they reach your belly button. You’ll alway look perfect. This combo is also great as it suits all body types! Crop tops + high waisted bottoms: win-win!  - Back to school series: Pineapples and crop tops (Outfit)  - Back to school series: Pineapples and crop tops (Outfit)Wearing comfy sandals is totally a must. These black strappy ones I’m wearing are by Vagabond and trust me.. they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Invest in a good pair of shoes, you’re goind to spend hours in them!  - Back to school series: Pineapples and crop tops (Outfit)  - Back to school series: Pineapples and crop tops (Outfit) What are your thoughts on crop tops… yay or nay?I’m so happy to be back blogging, see you’ll soon!

Top: Stradivarius (10)
Skirt: Stradivarius (5)
Clutch: Blanco Suite (15ish)
Sandals: Vagabond (90)
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Side slit maxi (Outfit)  - Side slit maxi Bimba y Lola  - Side slit maxi Bimba y Lola  - Side slit maxi Bimba y Lola  - Side slit maxi Bimba y Lola

That was a long unexpected hiatus! I’ve been all over the place doing way too many things at the same time, which is stressful but exciting! I was on holiday in England visiting my family which was great. Also, we finally signed a rent contract for an AMAZING (and HUGE) house (not a flat!!!) in the middle of the fields, 3 minutes drive from where we’re living at the moment. We’re starting to move this week. Boy, am I excited. I hope to be able to start vlogging and blogging consistently form the new house, as I will have my very own studio. Photos to come!
It’s only June and it’s already super hot, which means I basically live in shorts or maxi skirts. This one from Zara is comfy and easy to dress up or down depending on your plans 😉 I also wore this super cool necklace Born Pretty sent me as a gift. Just perfect! Not too big, not too small! 🙂
I hope you aren’t tired of this handbag (read more about it here), ’cause I’m not! Along with my trusty Vagabond sandals (full review on them here), they make the perfect combo. Love them.

Jacket: Vintage Levi’s (10)
Tee: Nino’s (HM)
Maxi: Zara (13ish)
Necklace c/o* Born Pretty
Bag: Bimba y Lola (more here)
Sandals: Vagabond Diion (more here)

What’s your to go item for summer?
Mine are maxis and shorts! 🙂
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Vagabond Diion sandals unboxing (New in)

I’ve finally got around to posting some close up photos of my beloved Vagabond Sandals I got last month for travelling to Majorca. I do think these were a bit on the expensive side, but they are SO comfortable, I really think they are worth the hype.  - Vagabond Diion sandals unboxing The only downside I see is that they will be leaving me strange tan lines on my feet. I live in very sunny Valencia (on the mediterranean coast of Spain), so we get A LOT of sunshine pretty much all year around, so I must remember to apply sunscreen lotion (I should do it anyway, by the way…)
Back to the shoes, they are very comfy to walk in, even if you’re on the go for ALL day. The top part is PU, but the inside is leather. The strap over the shoe is adjustable with velcro and I didn’t need  to break into them, they did not hurt my feed what so ever.  - Vagabond Diion sandals unboxing Can’t get over how puuurfect they are! They have such a cool 90’s vibe! They remind me so much of the Spice Girls. I has a huge fan of Geri Halliwell and I remember she had a very similar pair of shoes on a poster I had of her in my room, when I was a teen! 🙂  - Vagabond Diion sandals unboxing
Do you like Vagabond shoes?
I’m already planning on winter shoes… these will be my next purchase!
I’m off on holiday:
I will be in Manchester from this evening until next Monday,
let me know if you wish to meet us for a little shopping spree or for coffee! 🙂 
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