White Kenzo sweatshirt (Outfit)

TheMowWay.com  - TheMowWay.com  - TheMowWay.com  - TheMowWay.com  - Yet again a sleepy face. I was super tired and forgot my sunglasses. I wasn’t sure if I wanted the world to see my horrible face, but I really like this sweatshirt so I just decided to post it. I know it’s a replica, but i don’t like it because it’s “Kenzo” (I’d never heard of that brand until these sweatshirts came into fashion!), but just because I do. The lion design is adorable and the bright letters are super cool. At first I really wanted the green version (here on ebay), but it was wayyyy too pricey. So when Anita from the blog “El blog de Anita” shared all about this store which were selling these for 9€ I decided to get it. I would have liked it to be a big roomier, but it’s ok!

What do you think about wearing replicas? 
I’m ok with it as long people are honest about them.

Sweatshirt: Local store (9)
Skirt: Blanco but thrifted (1)
Levi´s Jacket: Vintage Kids (10)
Boots: Coltrane by Jeffrey Campbell (135)


  1. :))))
    A mí me parece que las réplicas también tienen su público y por eso existen, no me parece mal.
    Y, por cierto, a mí me gusta así, más entallada, porque la que tenía verde era muy grandota y no me la veía demasiado bien.

  2. I like replica’s but I don’t like exact replica’s if that makes sense… I don’t care much for fakes. For example, I love the “Celine, Paris” shirts but I like that you obviously know that it’s not from Celine… I think they are kind of cute. Idk… Hard to explain but hopefully you catch my drift haha.

    Love love love your tee shirt and that Denim jacket seriously goes perfectly with it!


  3. Absolutely love this look, would wear it right away! I think i even like the sweater more in white than green!

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